Legacy System (2. Characteristics)


This post is the second series of Legacy System. The first part of this series is about The definition of Legacy System. Now, we are looking deeply into some characteristics of Legacy System. Keep in mind that this part is a part of my master research in University of Utrecht.

In his paper, Sneed (2006) divided legacy programs into three basic categories in regard to the degree of dependence on their environment. Those are as followed:
• Programs which are not dependent on their environment,
• Programs which are partially dependent on their environment,
• Programs which are totally dependent on their environment.
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The practise of pregnancy in seclusion by Nuaulu’s tribe, Seram island, Maluku

Nuaulu’s tribe is a tribe located in Rohua sub-village. Rohua is a sub-village (“anak desa”) of Negeri Sepa,  Sub-district Amahai in Seram Island, District Central Maluku. This sub-village is populated by Nuaulu’s tribe which was inherited from Alune’s tribe and Wemale’s tribe: the first two-tribe occupied this sub-village.

There is an interesting tradition in this place. If I would translate it into English, it might sound like “The practise of pregnancy in seclusion”. The practise of pregnancy in seclusion is defined as practise which a Nuaulu’s pregnant woman is being secluded or concealed in posuno for 40 days prior giving a childbirth. Continue reading